Welcome to K-4 Music at ABS and WCS!

K-4 students in Williston have general music class once each week for 40 minutes. All students experience a variety of music activities- all of which are tailored to address the National Core Arts Standards. These activities include singing, playing instruments, dancing, exploring expressive movement, improvising, and integrating with other subject areas. Students experience a variety of music in different modes, meters, languages, and styles.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

3rd/4th Grade Chorus Concerts!

The 3rd/4th grade chorus concerts will be on
Wednesday, February 1st at 2:10pm and 6:30pm in the WCS auditorium.
The musicians are required to wear concert attire* for both concerts.
The musicians need to arrive at WCS at 6:10pm for the evening concert.

*What is concert attire?
Boys: long pants, shirt with collar, and a tie
Girls: dress or skirt of appropriate length, or dressy pants, with an appropriate top

Shorts, t shirts, hats, athletic wear, flip flops, and jeans are not appropriate.
Please do not wear them.

Please contact Mrs. T-H with any questions or concerns.