Welcome to K-4 Music at ABS and WCS!

K-4 students in Williston have general music class once each week for 40 minutes. All students experience a variety of music activities- all of which are tailored to address the National Core Arts Standards. These activities include singing, playing instruments, dancing, exploring expressive movement, improvising, and integrating with other subject areas. Students experience a variety of music in different modes, meters, languages, and styles.

Monday, September 19, 2016

What's Happening in K-4 Music Classes?


  • vocal exploration- "Pitch Pathways" cards
  • singing songs- "Tommy Thumb," "The Tree Song," "Five Little Ladies"
  • beat-specific movement- "Chop Chop Chippety Chop"
  • expressive movement- movement with drum
  • book/song tale- Over in the Meadow

1st/2nd Grade:

  • vocal exploration- "Pitch Pathways" cards
  • singing songs- "Bienvenidos," "My Paddle," and "Great Big House"
  • singing song phrases alone- "Purple Light"
  • expressive movement- movement with drum, movement to recordings of music
  • beat-specific movement- tapping and passing sticks, "paddling" a dragon boat
  • responding to varying tempos- movement with drum, passing sticks
  • book/song tale- Today Is Monday, The Crabfish

3rd/4th Grade:

  • vocal warmups- Basketball Warmup
  • singing songs- "Boots of Shining Leather" and "Hey Ho Nobody Home"
  • playing unpitched percussion instruments- tambourines and hand drums
  • beat-specific movements- body percussion, tapping and passing sticks
  • creating beat movements- body percussion to "Double Double This This"
  • music literacy- beginning Unit 1 in Conversational Solfege method 
    • echoing, decoding, creating, and writing duple rhythm patterns consisting of quarter notes and eighth note pairs.

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